San Antonio Devs Meetup - Q4 2019

By: Omar Quimbaya

Event Details

Location: Launch SA, 600 Soledad St. San Antonio, TX 78205

We are pumped up for our Q4 meetup! Please click the link below to RSVP and reserve your spot!

Linux Academy will be sponsoring this meetup by providing pizza! Thank you, Linux Academy!

For more information on Linux Academy and their courses on many things open source and cloud, go to


  • Welcome and networking

  • News you can use from the SA Devs group

  • Paul Bailey - CLI Tools

If you're a Python developer you have probably used many command line tools and maybe even had to write a few yourself. Writing CLI tools can be anywhere from really fun to really frustrating. This talk will go over three popular CLI libraries argparse, click, and fire. These libraries can help you write a command line applications in Python. However, every project has different goals and requirements, so there isn't one clear winner. This guide will help you choose one that fits your needs.

Lastly, this talk is structured in a choose your own adventure style and the audience will get to vote on the direction of the talk via a realtime voting system online. So have a phone or laptop ready to vote.

  • Quick break

  • Mike Perez - Who called it agile and not fast feedback?

This talk is over our tendency to over-codify the agile process into something that is not at all agile.

  • Closing

These talks should be fantastic, so please be sure to show up for our last meetup of the year!