SA Devs Season of Giving

By: Andrew Herrington

SA Devs Season of Giving

What is Season of Giving

During the month of November, let's work together as a group to give to those who can use some help. Donate to your favorite charity (we've got some suggestions below), submit your receipt to SA Devs, and we'll amplify your donation. At the end of the month, the SA Devs org will match up to $2000 of community donations to the SA Food Bank.

Want to sponsor some matching funds? You can sponsor a day, a week, or the entire month and any amount/total. Reach out to the admins and we'll add your matching and notify you of totals!

We also understand some people might want to donate in other ways and we want to celebrate that too! If you donate your time, canned goods, or do any other charitable work and you'd like it celebrated as part of SA Devs Season of Giving, reach out to the admins and we'll add it to our donation list!

Suggested Charities

These are charities that we feel are doing good work in our community. Don't feel like you have to donate to these organizations, but if you're looking for a place to donate these are good choices!

Do you have an organization you like to work with? Reach out to the admins and we'll add it to our list!

San Antonio Food Bank

Hill Country Daily Bread

Get Up Community Center

How to record a donation

  1. Take a screenshot or PDF of your donation receipt
  2. Open a DM to @sadevbot
  3. Send ./donation {amount} --make-public and attach your receipt to the message If you want to keep your donation private (the admins will still see your name/info but we won't put it on the site) leave out --make-public

Make sure your amount matches the amount on your receipt. You can enter it as $##.## i.e. $20.00 (or even just $20).

Sadevbot will send your donation on to the admins for review and it'll get added to the website (just below here in the donations list). Private donations will just list an amount. The bot will also update totals in #sadevs-season-of-giving-2020 regularly.

What to do if you have an issue

Bot didn't work? Donation didn't show up? Messed up entering a donation? Something else?

DM any of the admins and we can help. We can record your donation manually, delete a donation for you to resubmit, or kick the bot into working again.

Donation Total And List

Our Donation Total: $1126.00


  • Jacob Herrera - $100.00
  • John Hebert - $10.00
  • Andrew Herrington - $17.00
  • Omar Quimbaya - $300.00
  • Private - $415.00
  • Larry Gonzales - $100.00
  • Private - $67.00
  • Private - $100.00
  • Andrew Herrington - $17.00